Matt Reed
SEO & Technology Specialist

Matt is an experienced entrepreneur and operational strategist. He’s our e-commerce lead conversion guru, offering expertise in data-driven solutions developed from growing his own successful e-commerce business. His work not only provides the insight to enhance visibility across channels, but it gives structural integrity to every effort and decision along the way.

Matt started working in technology in 1999 during the end of the dot-com boom with a focus on network administration and IT management. In 2008 his interest in web strategy and pay-per-click advertising was piqued when he took over management of the website and PPC campaigns at the software company where he worked.

After running his own e-commerce company for over 10 years, employing over 50 people, and being taken places he never imagined, he now brings his expertise to other companies who are looking for creative ways to increase sales through their digital presence.

Matt Reed