Fern Date in 1859 Magazine
Photo by Candace Molatore

Fern on the Cover of the Mercury

So pleased for our client Ladan Radafshur founder of Portland Fern Date who just made the cover of the Portland Mercury this month! Her online dating coach service helps people craft the right online dating profile to attract their perfect match.

A Portland Entrepreneur Curates Online Profiles for the Romantically Frustrated… But Does It Work?

Soon after meeting Ladan Radafshar for what was a very brief interaction, she began appearing everywhere in my life. It first happened when I mentioned her to my best friend, who remembered meeting her years ago at a party. Within days, her face popped up on the Instagram feed of one of my college classmates. Weeks later, during a haircut, I quickly discovered the two of us see the same stylist and frequent the same bars.   Read More