Bibhu Mohapatra

New York, NY

Bibhu Mohapatra is a New York-based fashion designer and costume designer. His unique style draws from influences around the world, especially his native country of India. He has dressed celebrities such as Michelle Obama, Gwenyth Paltrow, Ariana Debose and Emily Blunt just to name a few. He came to us for help bringing his brand and online shop to Shopify. A prince of a client, we have been deeply honored and delighted to work with Bibhu.


• digital strategy
• Shopify website design

Bibhu Mohapatra Resort 2025 collection on I Phone

“I am so happy that we have this site and that you, Laurel and Matt worked on this with a lot of care…we are all very happy”

-Bibhu Mohapatra

web design for bibhu mohapatra
ipad pro web design bibhu mohapatra
beautiful gown
mobile shopify web design for bibhu mohapatra

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