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Little Handfuls Organic

Little Handfuls founders Darcy and Dustin Kochis came to me in the Spring of 2015 to help launch their organic frozen food for kids. Between them they had more than 20 years experience in food marketing experience and sales, so they were well positioned for success. All the same we decided to bring in marketing guru Shannon Pratuch for an outside perspective. Shannon helped Darcy + Dustin focus their concept and create a consistent language for the brand. By the time we picked up the reigns, the directive was so clear, the brand practically designed itself.  Little Handfuls won an Angel Oregon Award the following Spring of 2016.


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little handfuls organic

The experience working with Zoe was not only professional but extremely fun. She really helped us through the entire process and took us step by step and at our pace. We were amazed at how she was able to create something that absolutely nailed our vision. I believe her ability to listen and truly connect with her clients helps make that happen.

Dustin Kochis • Dad + Co-founder