No Bones Beach Club

Here comes a vegan empire.

We’ve been working with MacKenzie DeVito since 2014 when she launched her No Bones About It food truck, serving creative vegan fare with monthly donations to support local animal shelters. After 2 years and several best of food cart awards, No Bones Beach Club opened in Seattle. Faaast forward 2 years and she has 2 more locations, 1 in Portland and now 1 in Chicago (midwest lookout!).

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Chicago location interior
No Bones illustrations
Vegan restaurant brand

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Zoe’s been my life saver from the beginning when we opened our first humble food truck.  She’s both smart and personable and never makes me feel silly for asking questions. I just can’t say enough good things about working with Zoe and her team.

MacKenzie DeVito • Founder CEO