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ZOEPDX is a collaborative branding and web design practice with outposts in Portland, Bend, and Asheville, North Carolina. We work with clients from coast to coast, to help attract, inspire and cultivate business through branding, web design and digital marketing.

Since the beginning back in 2011, when we were a team of just one, our goal has been to create work with substance that transcends simple trends, and above all helps to make the world a better place.


this is about alchemy.

We believe there is an alchemy at play in the best of brands. All of the elements – the message, visual style, online experience, and actual product or service experience, combine to create something that is wonderfully greater than the sum of its parts.

Our design philosophy is centered on the idea that when brands let their true character shine, towards the right audiences, this kind of magic happens, and good business comes naturally.


a harmony of strategy and imagination

Our work grows out of big picture thinking and careful strategic planning. We take time to understand your vision and aesthetic preferences, and use our expertise to find strategic opportunity, defining a road map that guides our creative process.

We listen and understand what matters to you and learn how daily business unfolds within your world. We are outsiders who become insiders and our perspective is just right to uncover opportunity.

We gather internet data, taking stock of your current position and prospects in the digital sphere.

Through our conversation with you and data research, we identify your audiences and their desires and needs.

We develop a strategy to guide creative work that will resonate with your audience, and increase your search engine (Google) visibility.

We create the core visual and written foundations for your brand.

We bring your brand to life beautifully online, art directing photography, storyboarding videos, and creating graphic elements that stand out.

We use Shopify to create e-commerce sites that guide users simply to shop your wares.

We design emails worth opening that foster ongoing connections with customers.

We create search engine optimized blog content that answers the questions people are searching for directly and indirectly related to your business.

understanding and connecting with people is central to everything we do- it’s the goal of our work, and how we work together with you.

Zoe Mendell Portland web designer

Zoe Mendell

Design Director

Laurel Carroll copywriter

Laurel Carroll

Brand Strategist & Writer

matt reed photographer

Matt Reed

Shopify Expert

Simone pPaddock seo consultant

Simone Paddock

SEO Strategist

Stephanie Stroup Anderson hospitality consultant

Stephanie Stroup-Anderson

Hospitality Marketing

Laurel Carroll Portland copywriter

let’s talk about you

We love our clients. You are kind hearted, ambitious people leading companies of all sizes and business types. What you have in common is a sense of purpose and commitment to creating a more joyful, intelligent and sustainable world. You understand that bigger dividends come when we take time to do things right, and you are almost always delighted with the results we help you achieve. If this sounds like you, we might just be your new favorite creative partner.

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