we’re seasoned creatives, strategic thinkers, travelers, tree huggers & also really nice people.

in a nutshell

ZoePDX is an integrated web design and branding practice with outposts in Portland, Oregon and Asheville, North Carolina. We’re a tight knit team of seasoned creatives with the right stuff to move businesses forward beautifully.

our experience

We’ve partnered with numerous brands in hospitality, food & beverage, architecture and wellness, and also worked in-house at wineries, restaurants and in manufacturing. One of us was even on Shark Tank.

we’ve got perspective

We believe good design creates a feeling that people experience in both their hearts and minds. Making it happen requires a blend of strategic insight, emotional intelligence, artistic talent, and technical expertise.


Our goal is to create enduring design foundations for the growth of your business. More than half of our clients have doubled their digital footprint since working with us, and almost all of them consider us life long trusted partners when it some to their brand vision and development.

Zoe Mendell Portland web designer

Zoe Mendell

Design Director

Laurel Carroll copywriter

Laurel Carroll

Brand Strategist & Writer

matt reed photographer

Matt Reed

Shopify Expert

Simone pPaddock seo consultant

Simone Paddock

SEO Strategist

stephanie stroup anderson hospitality expert

Stephanie Stroup-Anderson

Hospitality OTA Specialist

let’s talk about you.

We love our clients. You are kind hearted, ambitious people leading companies of all sizes and business types. What you have in common is a sense of purpose and commitment to creating a more joyful, intelligent and sustainable world. You understand that bigger dividends come when we take time to do things right, and you are almost always delighted with the results we help you achieve. If this sounds like you, we might just be your new favorite creative partner.

some of the good company we keep.


Adrift Hotel
Bowline Hotel
Campfire Hotel
Costanoa Lodge

Hood River Hotel
Jupiter Hotel
Lake Creek Lodge
Lake Siskiyou Resort

Mountainfield Farm
SALT Hotel & Pub
Shelburne Hotel


Craft Homes NW
Lighthouse Architecture
Robert Evans Company
Soderstrom Architects


Blüm Floral Design
Dr. Todd Kashdan
Humble Brands

Kitchen Table Arts

Living River
New Vintage Beauty Lounge
VRC Veterinary Hospital


Gnome Grown Organics
No Bones Beach Club
Nutreat Superfood
Oregon Berry
Owen Roe Winery
Pickled Fish Restaurant
RD Winery
Tamale Boy

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