Free Oregon Zoo Elephants

I’m not typically a politically outspoken person. But when the organization Free Oregon Zoo Elephants approached me  I felt moved by their cause. F.O.Z.E.  is focused on holding the Oregon Zoo to their promise made with the passage of the 2008 Zoo bond. The bond was passed to provide funds for the creation of an offsite preserve for the zoo elephants, in addition to the expansion of the in Zoo facility. Things have gone awry and the current plan is to use the money to create an offsite breeding ground, and to expand the Zoo facility by a meagre couple of acres.

I designed the site with an austere quiet style. I felt the message would be most effectively communicated if people were gently drawn in. The content on the site has been so carefully curated and documented that I didn’t want to intimidate visitors with harsh or overly dramatic imagery. I worked with a photographer to capture the haunting beauty of these gentle giants. A morning of observing them in their cramped quarters, lead me to feel without a doubt, that our practice of keeping intelligent mammals confined to such small spaces is cruel, and should not continue. I hope that this site will raise awareness for people both in Oregon and beyond.

Food Cart to Restaurant: Tamale Boy

Jaime Soltero’s Tamale Boy truck had a terrific following, along with the culinary accolades of Yelp’s 2012 dish of the year award, so everything was in place to kick things up a notch and open a restaurant.

I worked closely Scene Marketing’s Shannon Pratuch and Soltero to refresh the branding already had in place for his truck. A highlight of the restaurant decor is a large, colorful mural painted by artist Stephan Lopez so I wanted to keep things simple to compliment artwork. I worked mostly in black and white with a simple turquoise accent. The restaurant features organic farm sourced ingredients so I used a recycled craft paper as a primary design element. The end product was a wonderful hybrid of latino street, nw organic, handmade.

The restaurant served over 1500 eager customers during opening weekend!

Verve Bodywork Branding

Talented massage therapist Valerie Bryan has been healing with hands for more than a decade. After bouncing around the country and the world, practicing her art/science, she finally planted herself her in Portland to open Verve Bodywork. Her style is clean and fresh. Like a warm gentle breeze, her studio space is spare but each chair, flower or print on the wall is very thoroughly considered. The brand I created for her mirrors this minimal, modern style. The site includes online booking and gift certificate e-commerce.

Bar Method brand support

As a designer, it’s a dream come true when you get to create for a product, service or artist you already love. This was the case for me when Denise Burchard requested my services for the Portland franchise of Bar Method. As an avid practitioner of Bar Method, and one of the many happy clients brimming with enthusiasm for the Portland studio, it’s a joy to help spread the word, and keep the image looking beautiful.

Rebecca Shapiro Artist Website

Rebecca Shapiro is an award winning artist based in Portland Oregon. She recently gave a TED X talk at University of Portland and the art for the talk is now featured at the Portland International Airport. Knowing that people viewing her work at the airport would be likely to visit her site from a phone, she needed a site that would be very mobile friendly. The site is built on a WordPress platform so not only is it beautiful but it’s very easy for her to manage.

Online Lifestyle Magazine

The Jupiter Hotel is a well established ‘hipster’ hotel in Portland Oregon. They pride themselves in offering the quintessential Portland experience to travelers, a big part of which is to act as a concierge to a wide variety of happenings in town. To further this travel guide status we created this online magazine/resource. JupiterPDX contains regularly updated info about Portland food, music, drink, fashion, and events. Every month the Jupiter Hotel eblast connects subscribers to a new slew of articles about what’s happening during the upcoming month. The hope is to extend the article coverage to local businesses and writers to create a truly Portland resource for anyone visiting the city.

Sterling Catering & Cookies Website

Joe Sterling is a man dedicated (with a capitol D) to the art of beautiful food. It was hard to find time to meet with him because his business is absolutely off the hook and in very high demand. Not surprising. He uses only the finest local and organic (when possible) ingredients for his catering and his cookies. OMG his cookies…The site features an online shop where retail and wholesale clients can order his fabulous cookies. Let your belt out a notch, it’s worth it.


David Poulshock Film Maker Website

David Poulshock is an award winning film maker and screen writer. He wanted a site where agents and producers could easily view his films and see his screenplays. But he also wanted to capture the feel for his style right away so agents would be curious enough to take the time to watch his material. We used provocative full screen images in a slide show as the landing page so that the viewer is drawn in right away. In this industry state of the art is paramount, so the site functions beautifully across all platforms.

Various Logos

Your logo is the ambassador of your brand to the world. In a blink, it should be recognized by the people who are looking for what you’re offering. It makes sense then, that to make an effective logo you have to be clear about what it is you have, and understand who wants it.

I spend time helping clients establish these fundamentals before I start sketching designs. This predesign work does take time, but there’s no doubt that it’s one of the best investments you can make toward the success of your brand.

Owen Roe Winery

I worked as the in house designer at Owen Roe Winery for several years. During that time I designed everything from newsletters, to wine labels, to case packaging and a website. One of the wines I was lucky to design a label for, the Chapel Block Syrah, received an unprecedented 97 point score and was featured in Wine Spectator. The winery owner and master mind, David O’Reilly, has great brand vision and a natural sense for marketing strategy. It was an amazing and lucky experience to work with him.